Mobility Consulting

Enterprises can leverage mobile technologies in many imaginative ways and to many strategic ends. The rapidity of technological breakthroughs (mobile, social, cloud and personal) opens up possibilities and strategic opportunities that are difficult to spot and harness. Appropriately tapped, the new capabilities can significantly change and enhance businesses by developing responsive business processes, reshaping legacy systems, and ensuring real-time connectivity and dialogue. These changes demand a fundamental understanding of the possibilities of enterprise mobile solutions technology and the new and emerging ways in which you can mobilize and re-jig your business.

Dotvik’s consultancy expertise helps enterprises plan, develop and deploy mobility solutions and applications. Our industry-specific and outcome-oriented mobility solutions differentiate a business from others in its class.

We advise on the following key areas:

    • Overall Assessment
      Assessing the organization's need for mobile technologies, including Business Case development; mobile ROI calculation; guidance on selection, implementation, and use of mobile technologies
    • Enterprise Mobility Roadmap
      Choosing the best development approach — custom, off-the-shelf, or by leveraging mobile enterprise application platforms
    • Mobile Platform and Device Rollout Strategy
      Finding the right balance between breadth of platform support and application functionality; evaluating mobile application development platforms
    • Architecture and Integration Strategy
      Designing mobile services architecture; finalizing middleware selection and the appropriate strategy for integration and roll-out
    • Device Management
      Supporting enterprise-wide mobile device management, including provisioning of applications and solutions
    • Security Considerations
      Helping define and implement security policies regarding users, devices and applications


Skills Mobility

The team at Dotvik has demonstrated expertise in a range of mobile application consulting, development, and support capabilities. Our skills base enables us to effectively perform the following tasks:

    • Strategic consulting
      • Development of mobility roadmaps
      • Conceptualizing mobile applications and eliciting requirements
      • Design, development, and QA testing of applications
      • Maintenance and product support services
    • GAP and ROI analysis
      • Product evaluation and platform selection
      • Mobile native client and mobile Web development
      • Management of applications portfolio
      • Platform and device porting
    • Systems integration
      • Integration of enterprise ERP solutions and other back-ends or of the value-added service infrastructure
      • Backend integration of third-party and custom components on the server side
      • Middleware and device management
    • Data security
      • Addressing stringent corporate security policies