ERP XMW - Mobility Platform for Enterprises

Dotvik's XMW platform is a middleware solution that helps tie together the various islands of technology within an enterprise, and at the same time introduces new mobile technologies. XMW enables enterprises to leverage their legacy systems and enables mobile access and connectivity to their enterprise applications. XMW provides standard and custom interfaces to backend systems, security, authentication, identity management, and system administration. The platform can run as a hosted service or behind the corporate firewall in a data center.

With XMW platform mapped to and enabled with relevant enterprise backend systems, an XMW-enabled App can make a request to send and receive information from virtually any legacy corporate enterprise resource. For example, a field sales employee can, with a simple push of a button on his App, see the recent purchases by a customer he is visiting, create a new purchase order directly, or view any customer information needed to (from several sources if needed) to close a transaction in real time.

Some UseCases

 Middleware use cases

Middleware use cases 

The proliferation of mobile phones and their mixed usage for official and personal purposes has brought tremendous gains in both employee performance and satisfaction. Mobiles are seen as an essential workplace tool to get the work done with the desired agility and responsiveness. Enterprises are also increasingly looking at ways to integrate mobile devices into the work environment to help employees improve their efficiency while also giving them flexibility at work.

Apart from general corporate and HR Apps, companies are now looking to create and run Apps that leverage enterprise databases and applications such as SAP or Oracle applications. These developments have lead to increasing demand for bespoke business applications and an escalating need to enable backend enterprise solutions on mobile devices. It is not uncommon to find many companies unprepared and overwhelmed by the growing number of development options presented to them. The choices are many - how to integrate and whether to build native, mobile web or hybrid apps, and then how to address the overarching need for securing the corporate data. Additionally, the companies become aware that in general enterprise mobile apps:

  • Need to interact with backend systems and resources
  • Need to be visible to IT groups for tech and customer support
  • Need to handle corporate and customer data securely, and be protected
  • And finally need to run efficiently and uniformly on all mobile platforms and devices

ERP Mobility Integration

XMW's key features include:

  • Unified platform: Single platform with multi-protocol support.
  • Multi-Device support: Single integration enabling a large number of mobile devices.
  • Security: Enterprise grade security with built in device identity management, and secure data access.
  • Scalability: Proven architecture to scale for performance and load.
  • Speedy development and deployment cycles: An off-the-shelf middle-ware product to quickly solve mobility challenges.

 XMW Client: The XMW client supports:

  • Local Storage for offline and quick master access
  • Native phone features integration
  • Location, Calendar, Events, Address book.
  • Device IMEI mapping
  • SAP GUI features i.e. F4 input help
  • Forms and reporting engine

 XMW middleware: The XMW middle ware supports:

  • Caching of various masters on middleware like customer, materials, division, territory etc
  • Integration with SAP, and other ERP systems using industry standard connectors and adaptors
  • Mobility Integration using open source JSON based web services
  • Push framework with Blackberry, iOS and Android
  • Admin portal for reports and easy device management


High Level Components of XMW:

  • User authentication and verification


  • Menu Engine (List View of various Functions)
  • Form Rendering Engine (For Add and Edit functions)
  • Report Rendering Engine
  • Push Framework (Android and iOS)