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The world today is truly a click away, with mobile phones enabling their owners to execute quick decisions about preferences, purchases and personal statements. Popularity of smartphones in advanced economies spurred the development of an array of mobile applications. There is now an application for almost anything you can think of, and many more are being developed and launched everyday. The targeted user is often the smartphone owner. However, the reality is that smartphones, due to their relatively higher cost and complexity, represent a very small percentage of the handsets currently being sold and used. For mobile application vendors, this represents lost opportunity — billions of low-end and medium-end mobile phone users, especially in emerging markets.

The last decade has seen explosive growth in the mobile devices market, with new and more affordable phones being launched to an eager market in the developing countries. In early 2008, there were only 6 to 8 big brands operating in the mobile phones market, and almost all of them were global. This number increased to over 180 by the year 2011. Many of these new companies partner with mobile equipment manufactures (ODMs) in Taiwan and China to source mobile devices. Operators, OEMs, and content providers can hugely benefit by providing value-added and content-based services and applications on these phones.

 content store

DotShop is a content store that supports an array of mobile value-added content for low-end and medium-end mobile phones. By tapping the full potential of these phones, DotShop enables content developers and providers, OEMs and mobile operators to both deliver and bill end users for content and other services.

DotShop supports all compatible formats of mobile content, including games and applications. The DotShop client works in both offline and online modes, allowing real-time update of catalogues and downloads when network is available. DotShop’s off-the-shelf client software is fully integrated with AppLot, our content management system. This enables easy delivery and monetization of mobile content on any device in any content format.

Mobile Store and CMS

DotShop’s key features include:

  • Flexible content monetization models
  • Configurable and reliable billing/charging module
  • Completely customizable client design and style
  • Device detection for content downloads
  • Real-time update of catalogues
  • Multi-language support
  • Downloads and accounting reports

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