Supply Logistics Management

SAP integrated solution, for generating and managing logistics and delivery of goods. The solution lets you create delivery documents and receipts against sales orders on the go, and also prints them using Bluetooth based thermal printers.

Supply logistic management

Key features of the solution

  • SAP/ ERP Integration - Data pull and Push
  • Recipt generation and printing

 Logistic and delivery management


Other features

  • Offline Data Storage and Sync of data – In case of loss of internet connectivity the data is stored locally, and auto-synced once network is established
  • Auto email – Once the client signed on receiving the goods, e-mail is automatically sent to the client as a copy of the receipt.
  • Localization – Regional language to make easy understanding.
  • Search GR – Drivers can search for a GR attached to the lorry by inputting the last 5 digits
  • GPS Logging– All actions also have the GPS data tagged to it to ensure the authenticity of the place.
  • Server integration – Secure server integration points to establish two-way communication between the server and the tablet.
  • Server side reports – Reports based on lorry number, date


Tablet view of Goods Receipts 

Logistic tablet Client