Catalog Management

Dotvik has developed and deployed solutions based on an in-house developed CMS - DotCatalog, as well as industry standard propriety and open-source platforms to deliver content  and catalogmanagement services for sevices for enterprises and Mobile OEMs.

Typical enterprise use-cases:

Product catalog or portfolio, either preloaded or on demand for:

  • Sales and marketing teams.
  • Dealers and distributors.
  • Consumers.
  • In showrooms and malls as a Kiosk
  • In Exhibitions on a large screen


Catalog Management Architecture


Why Catalog Management

  • Completely new and innovative user experience.
  • Interactive representation of products.
  • Easy updation and management of catalogue and content from the backend.
  • Efficient management and categorization of products.
  • Easy addition of multiple attributes and features for each product.



Havells Catalog System


Backend Admin Panel

CMS Backend Panel


End Consumer Application


Content Management Consumer Application


Deployment on a Kiosk

Havells Catalog Kiosk