DotCatalog - Enterprise Platform for Product Catalogues

DotCatalogue is an enterprise platform for management of product catalogues and marketing collaterals. It can also be used as an one-stop platform for content discovery, distribution and delivery

Key Advantages

  • Hassle Free - No more creation of paper brochures or new flash files every time a product is updated. No more waiting to display new products.
  • Instant - Update the sales and marketing team instantanly. Simply update from backend and the application will automatically update through notification.
  • Decrease Long Term Cost - With no more papers, CDs, and frequent couriers, cost is bound to fall.
  • Do it Yourself - Easy updation of the products. This solution will allow easy addition, deletion and editing of any of its products. Any assigned member of the marketing team will easily be able to update and maintain the catalogue.

Basic Modules

Catalog Management Archtecture

Client-SIde Features

  • Support for both Offline and Online mode.
  • Local Storage, for offline and quick access.
  • Accommodates multiple Screen sizes.
  • Push Notification Integration.
  • Search
  • Google Analytics Compatibility
  • Device IMEI mapping

Server-Side Features

  • Simple management console for creation and management of categories and sub-categories
  • Easy upload and management of catalogue content.
  • Simple user management
  • Device management
  • Location/user specific notifications
  • Product search


DotCatalogue supports all media formats, including audio files, videos, images and PDF documents